Monday, January 23, 2006



Must admit, I was in a deep funk yesterday. Saturday night, I thought I had a chance to attend the inauguration. What's his name laid me, that new fancy smancy suit jacket and his blue MAS jacket out on the bed and I heard him mumble that he would flip a coin to see who he wears to his possession. When I wasn't selected, I thought about retiring and end up one of those reality television shows for washed-up (no pun intended) stars.

But today, ta-dah!

Don't call it a comeback.

nice blog. i didnt read what u wrote. but it seems funny.

visit me dear 'chompita'
Muy entretenido! jajaja, quién diría que se crearía un blog sobre esto.

Pero hace tiempo que no te veo...dónde te has metido?
haha your blog rocks, i love it, chompita, where are u ??, u are lost a long time ago, see u later bye
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